Are you looking for a fun, effective, private environment to work out and achieve your fitness goals? Maxson Fitness is the place for you! Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your fitness level, or even boost your self esteem, fitness training is the way to go!

I am nationally certified in personal fitness training, with continuing education in weight management. What sets Maxson Fitness apart from other training facilities?  I only train up to two people per session. All equipment and weights are sterilized in between every client, in an effort to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and germs that are common in a regular gym or fitness environment.

My facility is completely private with just myself and my client, so no more embarrassing workouts in front of other people surrounding you at the gym.

I specialize in multiple training styles which include, balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular and core conditioning. I will incorporate a blend of training and conditioning styles suited for each individual, taking into account their current level of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle.

Initially, I will conduct a personal assessment which consists of body fat testing, measurements, cardiovascular and strength assessments to find a starting point.  From there we will discuss your goals and expectations, and together find the most effective and efficient way possible to create the desired results you are looking for.

Secondarily and equally as important, we will go over and evaluate nutritional habits.  I will provide a nutritional plan and roadmap for you to follow, paired with a specialized training regimen to aide in your journey in establishing and carrying out healthy habits.

The synergy and importance placed upon healthy eating, cardiovascular, and strength training will provide us with a healthy and balanced approach, in accomplishing your overall goals, and helping you find the quality of life you are looking for.  Furthermore, every 3 months we will reevaluate and reassess your progress, and modify any areas that require further dedication and attention.

The fitness routines we will be going through are designed for each client individually at every session; no routines are the same. This is because every person is at a different fitness level, has different fitness goals in mind, or may have physical limitations that require slight modifications in routine. Some of these limitations may include: knee or hip replacement, back injuries, or possibly an injury that limits their ability to perform some exercises.

My goal as a personal trainer is to generate results through education, implementation and motivation.  Each person has different wants and expectations, which require individual strategies to obtain the results they are looking for. Together, we can establish and attain the goals we set, through focus and commitment, that will result in you being a stronger, healthier, and happier you!

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